Spiral breaker

Oscillating breaker emptying the mold boxes by means of a screw-like oscillating movement in the shake-out process (Fig. 1: KLEIN Anlagenbau AG, Niederfischbach) The spiral breaker is loaded via an upstream charging chute or separate shake-out grid.

A shake-out grid can be screwed onto the breaker for small- to medium-sized mold boxes. Two connected vibration motors set the spiral breaker into a three-dimensional screwing motion. This motion causes an intense scouring friction in the sand lump mixture which in turn results in rapid, but gentle crushing of the lumps (Fig. 2: KLEIN Anlagenbau AG, Niederfischbach)

The sand reaches the external transport spiral through a floor grid in the breaker chamber. This spiral is integrated into a fine-screen line, separating sand from oversized grains. A discharge chute transfers the sand to a downstream unit for further processing. The oversized grains can either be discarded or returned to the breaker chamber to be crushed further. Large metal and foreign components remain in the breaker chamber and are automatically discharged via a chute in well-adjusted intervals over a manually opened hatch.

  • Fig. 1: Spiral breaker (KLEIN Anlagenbau AG, Niederfischbach)