Supercooled graphite

Interdendritic graphite (e.g. D graphite according to EN 20945, Figures 1

and 2) in hypereutectic cast iron (s. a. graphite classification chart) That becomes visible in metallographic specimen in the form of a cohesive net. Strictly speaking, this is not graphite degeneration yet; but at least unfavourable graphite distribution which will have a massive influence on the dynamic and mechanical properties of the material.

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  • Fig 1: Supercooled graphite (100 % D graphite) caused by excessive overheating and lack of inoculation, magnification 100:1, not etched
  • Fig 2: Supercooled graphite as illustrated in Figure, magnification 300:1, not etched
  • Fig 3: Supercooled graphite, 100:1, etched