Name for an alloy of copper and zinc with approx. 65 to 95% copper and the rest zinc. Tombac gets its name from the Malaysian name for copper, tumbaga  or tambaga. Tombac alloys have around 80% Cu and, compared to brass, always have a slightly redder color due to the higher percentage of copper which is why they are also called “red brass”.

This kind of red brass should not be confused with the group of copper-tin-zinc-lead alloys (DIN EN 1982) which are also sometimes called this.

Tombac alloys may be:

  • Half tombac: 62 to 64% Cu, rest Zn (Ms63)
  • Yellow tombac: 69 to 71% Cu, rest Zn (Ms70)
  • Light red tombac: 78 to 81% Cu + rest Zn (Ms80)
  • Gold tombac: 84 to 86% Cu + rest Zn (casting alloy CuZn15 according to DIN EN 1709:1981-11, Ms85, tombac)
  • Red tombac: 89 to 91% Cu, rest Zn (Ms90)
  • Dark red tombac: 95% Cu, rest Zn (Ms95)
  • Silicon tombac

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