Washing station

In the washing or rinsing station, the non-recovered impregnating agent is washed out or washed out of the functional areas (bores, threads, channels) of the workpieces.

The following options are available:
Simple immersion bath in which the washing medium (usually water) is in the station and is not moved. The impregnation batch is immersed in the medium and taken out again. This can then be done multiple times. Appropriate component cleanliness can often only be achieved by a very, very long washing process.

An improvement can be achieved if the impregnation batch is set in motion and thus an additional force is applied.
The best cleaning effect can be achieved if both the cleaning medium and the impregnation batch are set in motion (Fig. 1, Godfrey & Wing). The batch to be cleaned is rotated around the Z axis and at the same time the cleaning medium is sprayed over and through the batch. As a result, it makes its way through the entire workpiece and takes the adhering impurities (in this case, the impregnating agent) with it. The cleaning medium is pumped from an external tank and fills the cleaning station until the desired level is reached. Depending on the workpiece geometry, this can vary from a half-filled to a completely filled pool.

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  • Fig.1: Washing and rinsing station, schematic (Godfrey & Wing)