Water based coating

Molding material coating, which is applied to molds and cores and whose liquid carrier is water.

Basically, the coating consists of the component’s refractory material, liquid carrier (here water) as well as binders and additives.

Water based coating is now state of the art. Especially in the jobbing casting segment, the demand for safer, less VOC-releasing and more cost-effective products has never been greater.

In addition, there is the current shortage of the solvent’s ethanol and isopropanol. Water based coating is the ultimate solution for use in steel and iron jobbing foundries, which is harmless to health and dries independently in a short time.

The setting of the desired coating properties (e.g. viscosity) is also easier and more environmentally friendly with water-based coatings. Not to be underestimated is the storage of dangerous goods, which is greatly simplified by water based coating.

The range of fast-drying water based coatings include:
- Pure zirconium based filler formulations for the heaviest iron and steel applications,
- Aluminum silicate types for iron and smaller steel castings,
- other silicate fillers for cost and consumption optimization.

An example of such a coating is the fast drying water based coating SEMCO FD from Foseco Foundry Division Vesuvius GmbH (Fig. 1). The video  shows a summary of this (Foseco Foundry Division Vesuvius GmbH).

A newly developed rheological system with excellent flow properties enables foundries to coat the largest molds and cores. The significantly higher solids content minimizes the energy requirement, accelerates the drying process and at the same time offers better protection against casting defects. It also ensures a huge improvement in workplace quality.


  • Fig. 1: Comparison of the drying time (oven), Foseco Foundry Division Vesuvius GmbH