Williams riser

Atmospheric feeder which is inserted or molded into the upper part of a conical or pyramid-shaped tip (Williams core).

For live risers, a sharp sand edge is molded in these places. Due to its heating and later solidification, this tip or sand edge forms a zone in the riser which has contact with the outer air pressure until the end and can therefore press the liquid metal from the riser into the casting.

Figure 1 shows a riser which includes a Williams groove and riser base, Figure 2 shows a Williams core which can be inserted.

  • Fig. 1: Exothermic riser with base which includes a Williams groove, (GTP Schäfer GmbH, Grevenbroich, )
  • Fig. 2:  Williams core which can be inserted and molded, (GTP Schäfer GmbH, Grevenbroich, Germany)