Tier One supplier 2A USA is expanding its aluminum high-pressure diecasting capacity in Auburn, AL, for car and truck manufacturers. Automotive aluminum die caster 2A USA is initiating a $15-million expansion of its operation in Auburn, Ala., reportedly to double its output of high-pressure diecasting’s for automotive and commercial vehicle markets. The announcement was made by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, and the manufacturing group’s president Vincenz Ilotte credited the state and the city of Auburn for fostering the expansion program.


Source: 2A USA, 2A S.p.A.

2A USA is a subsidiary of 2A S.p.A., which is described as the largest privately held, high-pressure diecasting manufacturing in Italy. It also has an operation in China.

2A S.p.A. acquired a former Aluminum Technology Schmid North America plant in Auburn in 2014. It produces aluminum high-pressure diecasting’s for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Freightliner Trucks, and Detroit Diesel Corp., and new customers are expected following the expansion.

High-pressure diecasting’s (HPDC) are lightweight components increasingly preferred for automotive structural, chassis, and engine structures because of the possibility to design complex shapes with high-tolerance and high-strength characteristics, and to produce these in high-volume series.

Source: 2A USA, 2A S.p.A.