The expert for the development, construction, manufacturing and installation of whirl mixers, molding and reclamation plants for cold-resin-bonded molding sands, the company AAGM Aalener Gießereimaschinen GmbH, Wöhr Gießereianlagen announce a further commissioning of a 3-10t/h continuous whirl mixer.

Source: AAGM

Technical Data of the continuous whirl mixer

Stationary continuous whirl mixer

Designed:       with double joint, stationary
Geometry:       whirl mixer of 2,0 m; feeding screw of 3,5 m
Capacity:        3-10t/h
Media:            2 Sand sorts, Alphaset + Furan

The equipment was planned and manufactured according to the requirements of individual customers.

AAGM distinguish ourselves by the creation of very flexible and holistic conceptions for the realization of plants according to special operating requirements of customers.

Source: AAGM