A.Cesana S.r.l.

The A.Cesana company, established in 1879 by Alfonso Cesana, is a leading manufacturer of metallurgical treatments for non-ferrous metals, castings release agents, coatings for low pressure and gravity die casting and most of the chemical products of duly need to the foundries.

New Coating VERFLEX 14/1

VERFLEX 14/1 is a vermiculite-based coating suitable for any use and particularly resistant to abrasion and high temperatures on permanent moulds of aluminum alloys gravity die casting. VERFLEX 14/1 is recommended for the production of castings with perfect surface finish. The product has a long duration and is widely used when large series of castings are produced. It helps directional solidification and slowing down cooling behaviour of the alloy.

Packaging and storage

5 kg tins


The product is frost sensitive: Store at temperatures above 5 ° C and close the pails after use. It is possible that during storage some products containing mineral ingredients tend to precipitate. This phenomenon is absolutely normal due to the specific density of the minerals. It is important to mix the product carefully before use. If properly stored the product shelf life exceeds 12 months.