AFS - Process Control for Engineers

AFS releases ‘Process Control for Engineers,’ a new look at quality improvement - Process control is where quality improvement begins for manufacturers. Now, the American Foundry Society has a new book that uses concise language to explain the complexities of process control procedures.


Source: AFS

Process Control for Engineers by Ted Schorn provides a clear look at the principles of this technique, describing the philosophy and structure of quality improvement and how they apply to the practical tasks of engineers on the shop floor.

At 208 pages, Process Control for Engineers covers everything from the role of a process/quality engineer and competence qualifications to root cause analysis and process design. The book is based on quality and production training materials which have been trusted by major foundries for decades.

Unlike so many other books on quality which offer little more than a compendium of quality tools, Process Control for Engineers begins with the job of process improvement and what can be done to establish better control of various manufacturing processes.

Author Ted Schorn has poured his wisdom and experience from over 35 years in quality management into this book. He is an AFS Thomas W. Pangborn Gold Medalist, a winner of the AFS Award of Scientific Merit, and numerous other industry honors. Schorn is also the author of the 2018 AFS book Improving the Effectiveness of Visual Inspection.

Process Control for Engineers is available for purchase in the AFS Store and will debut at Metalcasting Congress 2023.

Source: AFS