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A new book from two of the aluminum industry’s most respected experts teaches metalcasters the keys to creating superior structural aluminum castings.

Source: AFS

Written by Mahi Sahoo and David Weiss, Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications goes beyond the basics to explore the factors that affect mechanical properties of structural aluminum castings, the influence of alloying elements, solidification characteristics, heat treatment, and other advanced metallurgical concepts.

The book, published by the American Foundry Society, originated as a well-received presentation delivered by the authors in 2015. At 229 pages, the book’s 10 chapters are:

  • Introduction to Structural Castings
  • Design of Structural Aluminum Castings
  • Influence of Alloying Elements for Structural Applications & Alloy Selection
  • Phase Diagrams and Solidifications Characteristics
  • Casting Processes
  • Gating and Riser Design
  • Alloys and Composites for High-Temperature Applications
  • Post-Casting Operations
  • Testing for Quality
  • Conclusions: Developing Trends and the Path Forward

Design engineers, manufacturing engineers, casting engineers, foundry metallurgists, and other aluminum foundry staff will benefit from this book. Additionally, Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications is a valuable resource for undergraduate and post-graduate students interested in casting technology.

About the authors

Mahi Sahoo is President at Suraja Consulting Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). A longtime leader in the aluminum industry, Sahoo's expertise includes alloy development, process development, gating and riser design, heat treatment, sand casting, and failure analysis, among other topics. He earned his PhD in physical metallurgy from the University of British Columbia.

David Weiss is Vice President of Research and Development at Eck Industries (Manitowoc, Wisconsin). He is the recipient of the John A. Penton Gold Medal from AFS for his pioneering work and his willingness to explore new technologies in aluminum, magnesium, and metal matrix composite alloys. Weiss is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Source: AFS