ASK Chemicals launches ECOCURE™ BLUE PRO - ASK Chemicals, one of the leading suppliers of foundry chemicals, is launching the ECOCURETM BLUE PRO cold box binder. This further development of ECOCURETM BLUE technology offers improved casting properties as well as optimised environmental parameters.

Source: ASK Chemicals

Combining environmental protection and emission reduction with optimised efficiency in production represents a major challenge to foundries. However, an important starting point for reducing emissions is choosing the right cold box binder system. In 2015 with the ECOCURE™ BLUE technology, researchers at ASK Chemicals succeeded in removing all hazardous ingredients (as defined by the CLP Regulation) from the part 1 component of the binder, while at the same time increasing its efficiency. This development provided foundries with a solution that offered important environmental benefits combined with excellent performance.

Pro for more efficiency and performance

Since 2015, ASK Chemicals has further developed the powerful ECOCURETM BLUE technology and increased the efficiency of the system. Consequently, the new ECOCURETM BLUE PRO allows an additional reduction of binder and amine by up to 8% while optimizing casting properties at the same time. In tests, ECOCURETM BLUE Pro shows increased reactivity with improved immediate strength.

Pro for improved environmental properties

The new ECOCURETM BLUE PRO technology offers foundries the opportunity to significantly boost the emission and environmental performance of their processes. Thanks to its high efficiency properties, BTX emissions and VOCs can be further reduced compared to ECOCURETM BLUE technology. In addition, PRO technology helps to improve the CO2 footprint of foundries – a crucial development against the background of increasingly stringent environmental and emission protection regulations.

"With ECOCURETM BLUE PRO technology, we are successfully continuing our strategy of supporting sustainability efforts by enhancing the efficiency of our products. Thanks to the higher degree of effectiveness, we can improve performance and environmental properties in cold box series production," says Dr. Jens Müller, EVP Chemicals Division.

Source: ASK Chemicals