ASK - Highest Priority

Our top priorities: Employee health and safety, and meeting our customers’ demands

Dear customers and business partners, in view of the rapid global spread of COVID-19, ASK Chemicals has set up a crisis management team to constantly monitor the current situation and react flexibly to the changing conditions in order to initiate measures appropriate to the situation.


Source: ASK

At this time, ASK Chemicals has taken the following preventative measures:

  • Implementation of enhanced hygiene measures throughout the company
  • The immediate stop of business travel to high risk areas and comprehensive restrictions on all business travel, especially the avoidance of public transportation
  • Increased remote work and use of virtual meetings
  • Limited personal contact between colleagues, customers, suppliers, and visitors on-site
  • Minimization of personal contact throughout our supply chain, especially during raw material receiving
  • Postponement / cancellation of internal events, as well as participation in external events (e.g. exhibitions)

Alongside our employees’ health and safety, insuring the ability to supply our customers appropriately is our top priority. Our teams in Purchasing, Supply Chain, Production, Warehousing, and Logistics continuously monitor the availability of raw materials and the evolving situation with suppliers; this includes the stock levels at our sites. The Logistics department is closely watching updates potentially affecting order fulfillment. Rest assured that ASK Chemicals will try do its best to meet our delivery obligations.

Specific customer enquiries will be answered and taken care by your account manager as usual.

We will inform you immediately about further relevant updates.

Your Partner ASK Chemicals