ASK Online Academy

ASK Chemicals launches ASK Online Academy and valuable services - Expert knowledge at first hand - The supplier of foundry chemicals and materials will launch its ASK Online Academy program on June 30, 2021. With ASK Online Academy, ASK Chemicals offers the foundry industry an additional channel to gain in-depth expert knowledge and latest insights into its solutions in foundry chemistry, feeding technology and metallurgy.


ASK Online Academy can be seen as a virtual spin-off of ASK Casting Academy, an in-
person event. Participants in the online program have access to 30 to 45 minute sessions that 
focus equally on knowledge transfer and dialog with ASK Chemicals experts.
Interested parties can find an overview of the upcoming webinars and register on the website:

Website offers comprehensive knowledge and information
Especially in the last few months of the pandemic, we have seen big changes in media usage 
patterns and information procurement. Web offerings have generated an unprecedented level 
of interest. ASK Chemicals is supporting this trend and has recently launched new product 
finder tools on its website that help customers discover the product solutions they are looking 
The ASKtheExpert platform on offers additional value and is an exciting 
opportunity to further engage with ASK Chemicals experts. The offer is complemented by an 
extensive pool of expert knowledge in the form of white papers, manuals, and technical 
With these new and valuable offerings, ASK Chemicals is giving the global foundry 
community a gateway to valuable expert knowledge, up-to-date product knowledge and first-
hand information on leading innovations.

Source: ASK Chemicals