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Finishing line for cylinder heads handling, deburring, milling - In addition to handling tasks, our post-processing line for cylinder heads takes

Two handling robots ensure the transport of workpieces. The cylinder heads are transported to the system in a hanger. The first handling robot unloads the hanger and puts the workpieces on a transfer table. As the workpieces may differ in their position, a vision system detects the component orientation at the transfer point. The second robot can thus accurately record the workpiece and load and unload the two milling cells alternately.

The machining tasks are carried out by two industrial robots with a milling spindle on the 6th axis. The workpieces lie on a rotary table, which can be freely positioned. In addition to fettling and deburring, an internal feeder is also machined. This requires a high cutting performance.

Milling with industrial robots is a cost-effective alternative for machining tasks where the accuracy of a robot is sufficient. In this way, pre-processing tasks can be taken over by our robot milling stations. This reduces the machining performance at subsequent processing centers and thus the investment costs.