foundry-lexicon.com consolidates its unique selling proposition as the world's leading online specialist portal for the entire foundry industry and related industries by expanding its portfolio: the C.O.M. goes online soon!

C.O.M. stands for Casting Online Magazine by publishing specialist articles in regular succession. The C.O.M. is part of foundry-lexicon.com and offers in its technical article’s direct links to the online lexicon. The idea is not only to be pointed out with a detailed description of foundry technology keywords, but also with complete technical articles on news in our branch.

It is not uninteresting for our readers but also for our partners that this type of publication generates an enormous amount of access to their articles. fondry-lexicon.com is currently receiving hits from 173 countries, worldwide!

We want to make work in this area easier and interesting for the specialists in the foundries and in the casting-consuming industry, but also for learners and students who want to deal with casting.

Damit wollen wir den Fachleuten in den Gießereien und in der gussverbrauchenden Industrie, aber auch Lernenden und Studierenden, welche sich mit Guss auseinandersetzen, das Arbeiten auf diesem Gebiet erleichtern und interessant gestalten.