Eirich Seminars

EIRICH seminar events “Practical Know-How – Mixing, Granulating, Kneading and Dispersing” planned to restart in June 2021!

In many industries, the procedural steps of mixing, granulating, kneading, and dispersing represent the quality-defining stage in production. EIRICH offers free one-day training events at the company’s headquarters in Hardheim four times a year.


Source: EIRICH

These seminars have been very popular for years, but since last autumn all scheduled events have had to be canceled due to the impact of Covid-19. New dates have now been planned to start from June 24, 2021, and it is already possible to register online at www.eirich-seminare.de.

Although universities teach the basic theory of dynamic mixers (units with moving mixing elements and/or moving containers), they do not cover practical aspects. In order to expand practical knowledge and know-how, Eirich offers seminar events for employees of industrial companies and for university employees in which the company shows what can be done today when it comes to mixing, granulating, kneading, and dispersing. The seminars look at the modes of action and performance potential of all standard mixing systems. Without understanding the state of the art, it is not possible to critically assess the “optimum mixing qualities” that are frequently offered or to appraise your own manufacturing processes. If required, improvements can then be introduced to increase the cost effectiveness of production and therefore contribute to a company’s success.

Source: EIRICH