Endurance Castings

Fonpresmetal Gap, the historical Brescia-based foundry, becomes Endurance Casting

The Indian multinational company Endurance Technologies acquired the historical Fonpresmetal Gap foundry, founded in Bione, near Brescia, in 1936 and specialized in the die casting of aluminium components.

Endurance Overseas ltd, the company within the Indian group which deals with foreign investments, acquired 100% of the Brescia-based foundry, which was renamed Endurance Casting Spa. The managing director Luca Ghidini was confirmed at the helm of the company with the whole of the management by his side. Having emerged in excellent shape after the 2013 crisis, in 2017 Fonpresmetal’s revenues added up to 26.2 million euro, on the increase with respect to 25 million in 2016, with a net result of about half a million euro and 90 employees. Endurance Technologies, founded about 30 years ago, is one of the most dynamic global suppliers of the automotive industry, with 18 plants in India and eight in Europe, (not counting the new acquisition), over 5 thousand employees and revenues adding up to 750 million euro.

Source: A&L