Forum Aluminium 2021

Forum Aluminium (05. – 07. October 2021 in Sankt Pölten Austria) is a conference that revolves around the newest developments and research of the aluminum world. In the course of a three-day program various international speakers will present their innovations.

Typical wine tavern in the Wachau Valley/Austria (Source: FA)

The conference covers aspects of Casting Technologies, Deformation Technologies, Alloy Development, Heat Treatment, Corrosion Stability, Tooling, Future Market Outlook in the automobile industry and more. Supplementary to engaging discussions of aluminum developments there will also be contributions from renowned companies like Google.

As much as we value aluminum it is not the sole purpose of the event. In addition to the scientific developments, we will also introduce our guests to the culinary highlights of the region. The side program includes, among other events, a Gala Dinner and a visit to a traditional Austrian tavern “Heuriger” amidst beautiful vineyards.

This is an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from the Aluminum industry and academia from all over the world and get the latest updates on key issues in the industry.