FOSECO – Metallurgy

INODEX and the FOSECO CONVERTER, lined with KALTEK ISO, have been developed to reduce Mg consumption, to reduce and stabilize the requirement for inoculation, to improve the consistency of properties, to improve environmental conditions, and to reduce liquid metal cost.

Source: FOSECO

ladle or open sandwich ladle.  The system achieves high Mg recoveries compared to the normal range of 40-60%.

INODEX is a ferroalloy based on 48% silicon specially designed for the Foseco INITIALISING process for the production of ductile iron.  It is used as an INITIALISING alloy to control the sulfur/oxygen activity of the melt.  Sometimes a light late stream inoculation practice is required in conjunction with the INODEX treatment to fine-tune the nucleation of the castings.

The unique triangular prism shape of the FOSECO CONVERTER reduces heat loss from the exposed surface of metal by radiation into the lining.  It also gives a higher ferrostatic pressure above the treatment alloy in the pocket, further improving the recovery of Mg.
KALTEK ISO is an alumina-silicate based highly insulating ladle lining system offering a clean, simple and fast application.

Source: FOSECO