FOSECO with new water-based coating

Controlling formaldehyde emissions with new SEMCO FF water-based coating – Environmental sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda. As a company, Foseco is committed to setting the benchmark for sustainability in the foundry industry, complying with new, more stringent and revised regulations – and supporting our customers to do the same.

SEMCO FF is particularly designed for application on cores for ventilated
brake discs (Source: Foseco)

The new SEMCO FF range of water-based coatings clearly demonstrates this commitment. Designed to reduce evolved formaldehyde emissions, these coatings support foundries’ compliance with the latest EU regulations. Water-based coatings are a more environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent-based coatings, but this brings new challenges, most notably the susceptibility of water-based coatings to attack by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

These microorganisms can negatively influence the performance of the coating and even lead to health issues amongst operators. To protect against microorganisms, biocides are built into the

formulation of water-based coatings. Typically, these biocides provide a slow release of  formaldehyde, which is an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent. However, in many regions,

formaldehyde is classified as a potential carcinogen and mutagen. In this context, the EU has recently tightened its regulations to reduce airborne mass concentration limits of formaldehyde.

SEMCO FF coatings do not use biocides that release formaldehyde, especially within the coating drying process, when emissions are most concentrated. They therefore support foundries in complying with the new regulations and avoid the need for costlier and more complicated investments in new or upgraded gas treatment systems.

SEMCO FF coatings can be specified to have a color change on drying (Source: Foseco

Benefits beyond lower formaldehyde emissions

In addition to cutting formaldehyde emissions, SEMCO FF coatings can be specified to incorporate color change on drying technology. This allows operators to easily see when coatings are dry, enabling the optimization of drying cycles and energy consumption. This not only reduces costs but also the carbon footprint of foundry operations.

The new SEMCO FF coatings also come with the existing beneficial properties and performance of the SEMCO SIL coating range, including

  • Fast drying process
  • Reduced energy consumption and VOC
  • Improved foundry efficiency
  • CO2 emission reduction


Source: Foseco, Christoph Genzler, Product Manager Mould & Core