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The world of foundry technology on any device
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From sand casting to investment casting, from mould shop to quality assurance and from aluminum to zinc - the so-called video wiki covers a broad spectrum of foundry technology. Thus, serves as a digital compendium and complements the classic technical literature and provides modern access to specialized knowledge.

Only a few people have the opportunity to see a casting or a foundry from the inside and to experience the fascinating world of foundry technology first hand. This is now about to change: offers you the opportunity to learn quick about the many different casting processes and casting materials in thousands of short process videos. The process videos are intended for all target groups, whether beginners or experts. They can be shown in lectures, training courses, seminars or simply among family and friends to illustrate one's own professional field and to inspire potential young talent for foundry technology.

Students, trainees, career starters and career changers as well as casting buyers and casting designers will particularly benefit from this learning platform. It enormously facilitates the onboarding phase and accelerates qualification through detailed insights into casting processes. The discrepancy between theory and practice is also considerably reduced by studying the videos. Thanks to the diverse videos, they can quickly expand their knowledge and develop into competent specialists. And they can do so at their own learning pace. Whether alone or in dialog with experienced co-workers. Whether on the train, at home or in the office. The videos can be watched free of charge on any device as often as you like. The video titles are also available in many different languages.

The platform also offers much more than just process videos. It also includes company profiles and company videos, news, informative seminars as well as scientific conference talks and a job market. In addition, a specialized translator with foundry-specific terminology is available.

Discover the fascinating new form of learning today and immerse yourself in the world of

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Source: Foundry-Skills