The new Video-Wiki of Foundry Technology: Look over the foundryman's shoulderwith Foundry-Skills


Foundry-Skills is a new, free video wiki with thousands of foundry-specific short videos spread across more than 45 categories. From sand casting to investment casting, from hand moulding to quality assurance, from aluminium to zinc. Here trainees, students, onboarding newcomers and career changers, casting buyers, design engineers and lecturers in foundry technology will find a modern access to expert knowledge in addition to literature.

In a virtual tour through the real foundry world, you can literally look over the foundryman's shoulder as he works, see how real work processes actually run in detail, experience casting processes in direct comparison, as well as different casting materials in different applications.

Especially newcomers and career changers can build up knowledge with their own eyes in a very short time. This enables them to communicate with technical experts on eye level already in the beginning of their onboarding process and makes them capable of taking sound decisions in their new positions. The discrepancy between theory and practice is also often perceived as being overchallenging by graduates in foundry technology. This can considerably be reduced for the first time by the self-study offered by Foundry-Skills.

The Video-Wiki presents unmatched opportunities to build up process understanding at one’s own pace, either alone or in dialogue with experienced colleagues. Where internships or excursions are perhaps too expensive or not feasible, Foundry-Skills offers a real alternative for the contemporary, modern presentation of practical knowledge from the world of foundry technology.

Visit Foundry-Skills today and immerse yourself in this new form of learning. It is simply fascinating!