General Kinematics

General Kinematics Corp. was named systems integrator as well as equipment supplier for a modernization of the semi-automatic molding line at Fonderie Mora Gavardo, in Italy, part of the Commozzi Group industrial automation and machinery manufacturing group.

Source: General Kinematics

The foundry is located at Gavardo, Brescia, and produces a variety of castings for mechanical, automotive, energy, agricultural, naval, and other industrial applications. The finished parts range in weights from 1 kg to over 120 metric tons.

Fonderie Mora Gavardo operates two automatic molding lines, a semi-automatic molding department, and a separate molding operation for large castings.

The current revamp to the semi-automatic line also will involve the shakeout and sand-reclamation areas.

Fonderie Mora's goal is to increase the overall capacity of the sand reclamation plant, ensure the best possible performance and results for the shakeout process, streamline flask logistics within the foundry, and increase overall space for the operation. Each of these objectives will be addressed by the modernization program, which is centered on a new GK two-mass, no-bake shakeout system.

In this shakeout system flasks up to 40 tons are positioned on a 3.5x5.5-m deck to break down the furan sand for mechanical reclamation. The shakeout operates with two, 12.5-kW vibratory motors, contributing to the reduced electrical consumption of the entire system. The process also reclaims up to 30 metric tons of sand per hour.

A sand storage feeder, attrition mill, and sand cooler are positioned in the pit below the shakeout operation, with a pneumatic transporter to send cool, reclaimed sand to 12 storage silos.

The design of the removable grates and pit covers factored in the use a wheel loader for cleaning the foundry. Installation will begin in August for the new shakeout system, and the start-up and commissioning phases are scheduled for early September.

Source: General Kinematics