Godfrey & Wing Inc.

Global automotive supplier purchases vacuum impregnation equipment - Godfrey & Wing, Inc. has received a contract from a Germany-based machining company, to supply an Advanced Powertrain impregnation (APi) system.

Source: Godrfey & Wing

The system is the result of a transmission case program that requires 100 per cent impregnation. The contract is the first piece in a long-term, strategic partnership.

This APi will seal approximately 75,000 sets per year in Italy, starting in 2020. This program is forecast to increase to 500,000 sets by 2022. As demand increases, the customer will accommodate by investing in two automated continuous advanced powertrain impregnation (CAPi) systems. Capable of sealing 330,000 parts per year each, the systems will meet volume and quality specifications.

“We are uniquely positioned to service this customer’s current and future needs,” said Ralf Versmold, managing director, Godfrey & Wing GmbH. “Supporting one of the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturers requires a wide range of capabilities and smart solutions. We are excited to bring our extensive knowledge and evolving innovations into this long-term partnership.”

Source: Godfrey & Wing