This year, GROB will present 5-axis universal machining centers and a two-spindle, G-series machine at the AMB in Stuttgart (18. - 22.09. 2019). Besides these machine types, the mechanical engineering company is also focusing on the field of automation. A 5-axis universal machining center is for example being expanded by a rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R) and an additional tool magazine TM200, to form a flexible manufacturing cell that offers optimum entry to automated, highly efficient production. GROB, then, is not only offering a second development stage universal machining center that is easy to use, the company is also taking the logical step towards complete automation solutions.

Source: GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

 The latest generation of universal machining centers –  High-tech in compact format

The second generation of the GROB universal machining centers is characterized by a modern, revamped machine design and several new components. The result is an entire range of benefits for GROB customers. The second G350 generation boasts significantly improved dynamics, reduced idle and chip-to-chip times, increased tool magazine capacity as well as its revamped machine design. Thanks to the innovative double disk-type tool magazine, the tool length has been increased from 365 to 550 mm and the machine's external dimensions has been significantly reduced due to a more compact design.

With its unique machine concept, the 5-axis universal machining centers offer all customers in the machining sector almost limitless possibilities for milling parts made of the most diverse materials. No matter whether in aerospace, mechanical engineering, toolmaking and mold design industries, automotive or medical sectors – GROB universal machining centers are optimized to meet diverse requirements in various industries, all being made from the same module range.

 Equipped for the future – Industry 4.0

More important now than ever before, Industry 4.0 is set to be a focal point at the AMB. The GROB-NET4Industry software technology uses web technology to create cross-plant transparency throughout the production process. The applications within GROB-Net4Industry modularly developed by GROB, network and digitalize production processes to facilitate paperless communication – for even greater productivity and availability. By using GROB-NET4Industry and the associated machine network, a productivity increase of up to 30 percent can be achieved.

Source: GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG