HA - Binder Systems

Cores for complex cooling - Whether as a pure electric car or as a hybrid vehicle: alternative drive concepts are increasingly gaining momentum. The electrification of the car drive is inconceivable without efficient heat management.

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Every battery and every electric motor give off heat under power. The energy storage in the electric or hybrid vehicle is no exception. How well and evenly the temperature of the electric drive is controlled has a decisive influence on service life, performance and safety.

A highly complex core package, made with HA binder systems, plays an important role in the implementation of the complicated cooling system for electric cars.


  •  Production of a filigree honeycomb core as part of the complex core package
  • The tendency to deform during casting due to the filigree structure must be reduced
  • 100% removal of the sand from the delicate casting must be guaranteed


  1. Use of a silicate cold box binder system with high thermal resistance and good breakdown at the same time
  2. Use of inorganic Cordis® binder system in combination with special sands
  3. 3D printing of cores, the geometry of which cannot be represented using conventional methods

Source: HA