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‘Spot-Seal’ Impregnation Pr0cess to recover leaking cylinder blocks before assembly - The Spot-Seal process is a localized pressure impregnation process; in that it is only applied directly to the area of the casting that leaks. In many cases this can be isolated to a machined bolt hole and therefore no other part of the casting is affected. In this particular case:

Source: Impregnation Solutions Limited

1. Sealant is applied into a bolt hole where porosity and a leak has been identified

2. Pressure is applied using the Spot-Seal gun to impregnate the sealant into the porosity and stop the leak

The sealant cures rapidly inside the porosity and any residual surface sealant remains liquid and is easily removed. There is no risk of contamination and damage. The process is very fast and recovery is typically 100%.

The Spot-Seal process is both manual and mobile, so can be taken to the part on the line for fast recovery and return to production or assembly. The process can also be automated for high volume applications.


A major automotive engine manufacturer has so far recovered over 2,000 engine blocks using the Spot-Seal process, producing a total saving of over £600,000 on the casting and machining value alone. The true savings are much greater when loss of production is considered without this solution.

Source: Impregnation Solutions Limited