Isselguss GmbH

Increasing process stability through metallurgical monitoring of the melt - Since 2019, continuous investments have been made in improving process stability. The investments made include thermal analysis, spectrometers and the software-based collection and linking of the data generated.

Source: TSK GmbH

The thermal analysis was already used to determine the carbon content before 2019, with the acquisition of a system from Technical Service Kuehn GmbH, the AccuVo-Cup® double-chamber crucible was introduced in addition to the latest measurement technology (measurement data acquisition in real time at 40 Hz). This was specifically selected for the production of cast parts made of nodular graphite cast iron.

The installation of an automatic spark emission spectrometer from Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG with the integration of a SPECTROLAB M12 from Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH also brought the analysis up to date.
With the extension of the application software by apromace data systems GmbH, the results of the spectrometer could be merged directly with the data of the thermal analysis. This laid the foundation for easy traceability of the material properties within the foundry. In addition, the display of the process parameters in the melting shop was designed in a clear and targeted manner, so that compliance with the specifications was simplified.

With these investments, the metallurgical quality of the melt could be improved and stabilized. Casting defects caused by metallurgy could also be traced and safely eliminated. Among other things, by taking the liquidus temperature into account, it was possible to reduce the supply requirement, which enables our customers to set prices in line with the market. Our customers benefit in terms of traceability, quality and costs and strengthen our position in the market.

Source: A.v. Dungen, M. Vißer, Dr. E. Wüller - Isselguss GmbH