Küttner Patent confirmed

Küttner's Reactive PCI® / Reactive Oxcoal® was confirmed by the European Patent Office again! - Confirmation of Küttner Patent EP 3 183 369 – Küttner Reactive PCI® and Küttner Reactive Oxcoal®

Quelle: Küttner

After the reaffirmation of the European patent office we are glad  to offer our Reactive PCI® / Reactive Oxycoal® technology exclusive to our worldwide customers furthermore. 

The Küttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG owned Patent EP 3 183 369, issued on 07.11.2018, was confirmed by the European Patent Office (EPA) in opposition proceedings on October 20, 2020 for its entire scope of protection.

The opposition to the patent EP 3 183 369 was fully rejected by the EPA. Küttner exclusively offers this patented technology, which leads to a significant reduction in the total fuel costs of a blast furnace.

Quelle: Küttner