Japanese Die caster Plans Georgia Plant - $20-million project will focus on production of automotive castings for electric vehicles.

Source: pixabay

Mitsui Kinzoku Die-Casting Technology America Inc. committed to build a new manufacturing plant in Griffin, GA, a $20-million project announced by the Georgia Dept. of Economic Development. "This facility will bolster Georgia’s booming automotive industry and ensure its success in the coming years," stated GDEcD commissioner Pat Wilson.

MKDA is a subsidiary of Mitsui Kinzoku Die-Casting Technology Co. Ltd., which has been producing die castings in Japan since 1953. The parent company claims to be the world’s first manufacturer of heat sinks for mass-produced, automobile LED headlamps.

The group also claims to have "the largest share of the world market for side door latches for automobiles." In addition to its Japanese manufacturing centers Mitsui Kinzoku affiliates operate automotive parts plants in England, China, Thailand, and the U.S.

The new plant in Griffin, GA, will be focused on die castings for electric vehicles, according to the announcement. The state agency reported the new operation will establish 30 permanent jobs, adding that "MKDA intends to continue expanding its facility in Griffin and create more jobs in the community in the coming years."

Source: Mitsui Kinzoku Die-Casting Technology America (MKDA)