Mössner FlexCube

The modular robot processing cell MFC (Mössner FlexCube) offers the universal solution for

  • deburring
  • milling 
  • drilling
  • sawing
  • other processing operations for a wide range of materials, workpieces, industrial sectors and branches.

Configurable modules allow the processing cell to be perfectly adapted to individual requirements and at the same time allow easy replacement of the modules if the requirements of the workpiece or the workpiece itself change.

The cell version professional+ (please see video) includes loading of the processing cell via rotary table. The loading area is protected by a light curtain and can be entered during processing for workpiece change. The rotary table offers flexible mounting of large-volume workpieces. Pneumatic or electro spindles of different power classes can be attached to the robot. The permanently installed tool guarantees consistent workpiece processing. During processing, a floor-side suction system reliably removes chips as well as the spray mist of the minimum quantity lubrication.

Source: Mössner