Mössner - New HPDC Project at Ljunghäll in Sweden

New HPDC Project at Ljunghäll in Sweden - The high demand for quality and reliability perfectly unites the common values of Ljunghäll Light Metals Division and Mössner.

The challenges in this project are machining the various large parts in their geometry and particularly also in their weight. Especially the inner sides of the workpieces are difficult to reach and require precise deburring.

In addition to precise and efficient deburring technology, the production line is characterized the processing line can therefore be supplemented with additional deburring robots in further construction stages.

The gearbox housing is picked up by the robot’s gripper system. The robot then moves to the deburring spindles. Here, a combination of compressed air-driven spindles and the proven Mössner machining spindles is used.

Source: Mössner