Started production of the new Nissan Versa in Mexico: The new generation Nissan Versa manufactured at the Aguascalientes A1 plant will reach 88 countries, including regions in North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe. For Mexico, its premiere will be in early October.

With the arrival of his new generation, the Nissan Versa supposed not only the deep update of the best-selling car in Mexico and one of the most popular in Latin America, but also a large investment in the factory Aguascalientes A1, where it occurs. There, the Japanese firm invested 278 million dollars expressed in equipment and technology.

This was confirmed Armando Ávila, vice president of manufacturing for Nissan Mexicana, in an interview with Automotive News Mexico during a visit to tour the facilities. "Part of these investments, for example, were to renovate 85 dies and add 354 robots"he indicated.

This investment is very significant for the company, because from there it will supply 88 countries in various regions of the world. For the United States, production began in June, but the model for Mexico and other Latin American countries, reached the manufacturing lines this week.