Each temperature control process requires an individual, customised solution, so that the full performance of the production system can be instantly accessed.

Temperature control. Smart. Reliable.

This is exactly what REGLOPLAS has to offer. Individual solutions & optimised performance.REGLOPLAS offers temperature control units that are modular and combinable, are tuned to your needs, and compatible with your components. This optimises the performance of your production plants.Save costs & protect the environment. By using REGLOPLAS temperature control units with their innovative and progressiveflow rate/pump control, you can considerably reduce energy consumption and control the temperature only as much as required. Proven quality & Swiss precision. The progressive and reliable Swiss quality of REGLOPLAS temperature control units has consistently impressed customers for over 55 years. Customers from around the world appreciate our many years of experience, our accurate and long-lasting products, and our personal, competent worldwide customer support.