RTE Akustik und Prüftechnik GmbH

Inline NF measurements on brake discs: The trend towards brake discs and component measurement based completely on the natural frequency inspired RTE to develop new industry solutions to establish a standard for universal use.

The new full-automatic inline system for brake discs allows for measurements on car brake discs with diameters ranging from 230 to 450 mm. The system can be set up for one individual type of brake disc in batch operation as well as for mixed operation. Integration into an overarching control concept makes sense in this case. The test station can be adjusted automatically and type-specifically in just a few seconds. This allows for cycle times of approx. 10–12 seconds in series production. Full natural frequency measurements above all enable a continuous monitoring and assessment of production quality.

Source: RTE Akustik und Prüftechnik GmbH