RTE Akustik und Prüftechnik

First aid! – the RTE service extends beyond the acoustics, with great flexibility and a focus on the customer. Any delivery and production halt attributable to quality errors or failure at the customer requires immediate fault analysis and the implementation of quality assurance measures.

It’s impossible to visually identify cracks and microstructure damages in metallic components from the outside. Expensive and elaborate CT processes might open them up for analysis, but this really only makes sense with lab or failure analyses. Quick and efficient test systems are required for series monitoring. Acoustic material tests offer the optimal inspection conditions.

This request for assistance required a quick and easy test solution to ensure quality assurance – and with it the ability to supply. The use of acoustic material testing came with a challenge: no faulty reference parts were available to set up the system for NIO detection.

The decision was made to initially solely parametrise the test system using the faultless parts. This should ensure that all deviations from the IO parts (good-quality parts) could first be filtered out. The suspect parts were then initially inspected using metallurgic and CT procedures. The faults could be confirmed on the suspect parts to then configure the relevant test parameters. This validated the use

of acoustic test technology. Thanks to the great collaboration between all involved parties, the ability to supply and the necessary quality assurance were once again ensured.

Source: RTE Akustik und Prüftechnik GmbH