Steels in Cars and Trucks

The international conference “Steels in Cars and Trucks”, SCT 2020 for short, is taking place for the sixth time in close cooperation with the steel institute VDEh and the research association Stahlanfertigung e.V (Fosta), Düsseldorf. The conference and accompanying exhibition will open its doors in Milan from June 14th to 18th, 2020 under the motto "Bringing the automotive, supplier and steel industries together". The call for papers was a complete success with more than 190 submissions.

Source: TEMA Technologie Marketing AG

The congress focuses on the research, use and behavior of steel in vehicle construction. Steel is one of the most important materials in automotive engineering; Around 60 percent by weight of a modern car is made of steel. High-strength and ultra-high-strength steels are used, the use of which enables new designs, maximum crash safety and a lower vehicle weight.

The second motto of the SCT 2020 "Future trends in steel development, processing technologies and applications" hides topics such as the crash behavior of modern steels, new joining technologies or the results of current materials research. Other topics include new steels with specific properties for e.g. lightweight body construction or drive train as well as new forming methods and simulation methods as they are used in the design and manufacture of modern vehicles.

The main topics:

  • - Steel Components in cars and trucks
  • - Manufacturing of components
  • - New Steels
  • - Modeling, simulation and testing
  • - Special Topic: LIGHTWEIGHT forging

Source: TEMA Technologie Marketing AG