Targi Kielce Seminar

New project takes off – Foundry Goes Green - The foundry industry dominates Targi Kielce's events calendar in its summer-end section, i.e. 20 to 22 September. This strong accord is owed to the METAL expo and its accompanying exhibitions: HEAT TREATMENT, ALUMINIUM & NONFERMET. CONTROL-TECH i RECYCLING.

Source: Targi Kielce

Ever since this foundry industry focussed event was created, it has attracted important market players in this industry sector.

In the previous years, the pandemic slightly distorted the calendar of expo, however, year's METAL has returned to its traditional date. The convention, which brings together companies professionally involved in the foundry market, still welcomes exhibitors.

The Foundry Goes Green - the expo accompanying seminar is deemed to be an excellent opportunity to present modern solutions designed for the industry. The sessions offer an immense dose of practical knowledge.

“Foundry Goes Green “ Seminar

A two-day seminar held under the banner of  Foundry Goes Green is part of the METAL expo. The seminar will be held on 20 and 21 September 2022, from 11.00 to 13.00 daily. The meeting is divided into two thematic blocks; the seminar is a vital complement to the event's offer and agenda. The forum offers an insight into clean air, modern industry technologies, heat treatment of metals and many other topics of pivotal importance. In addition, the seminar participants may find the lecture on the reduction of operating costs for heat treatment processes an exciting point of the meeting's agenda. The session is organised by BURKERT GmbH.

Digitisation has become ubiquitous in every area of life and various industry sectors. Thus the Foundry Goes Green seminar features digitisation -  Abas Business Solutions Poland's thematic block focuses on "Digitization of production in the metallurgical industry: optimisation of 8 key areas of abas ERP". The event offers its participants insight into the eight most important processes in the foundry industry and the ways to optimise them. The system was awarded the "Symbol of Innovation" in recognition of its support for the digital transformation process in enterprises as well as the system's exceptional flexibility.

LUNEOS Polska will also be in the limelight at the seminar. This part discussed issues related to the energy transformation in foundries. The AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow join the autumn METAL trade fair to talk about Industry 4.0 Technology, which is one of the fields of study at this Krakow university. AGH graduates, having completed their studies, are ready to work in companies operating in the broadly defined fourth industrial revolution area.

Source: Targi Kielce