By gradually optimizing the spraying process including other parameters, the amount of release agent (Isolat TT 77 diluted 1:80) was reduced from 12.6 liters to 6.0 liters.

Source: Tribo-Chemie

With regard to the use of release agents, the motto should apply: "As much as necessary, as little as possible". Excessive media use is not only uneconomical but can also have a negative impact on cast part quality. If, on the other hand, the release agent quantities are too small, warping, poor demolding and, in the worst case, “hangers and adhesives” can occur. For this reason, optimization should always be carried out in small, successive steps and the casting parameters and part quality should be checked after each optimization step.

The Isolat TT 77 release agent from Tribo-Chemie GmbH is a stable, wax-free emulsion that is ideally suited for conventional, slightly reduced spray application up to micro-spraying. The reason is the carefully selected raw material combinations, which ensure that there are no impairments during the casting process and also not in the downstream machining processes.

The die-cast parts can be painted and coated very well, and the welding and adhesive properties have been confirmed. The good release effect is guaranteed by the spontaneously forming, water-repellent film that adheres where it is applied. The release film is not washed off by the spray jet and blown into remote areas of the die. This largely prevents gas inclusions and streaks due to the accumulation of release agents.

Source: Tribo-Chemie