Zalewa Tec

New start-up for 3-D printed sand molds - Zalewa Tec GbR is now ready for 3D printing of sand molds and cores!

Source: Zalewa Tec

With the help of the S-Max 3D printer from ExOne, Zalewa Tec produces sand molds and cores in two job boxes. Above all, customers benefit from the greatly reduced manufacturing times, as well as there is no need for a conventional, cost-effective and time-consuming pattern making.

The use of conventionally manufactured molds in combination with printed sand cores also offers new possibilities in the manufacturing process and allows, for example, the quick and inexpensive testing of different core variants for small series.

In addition, possible changes to the geometry are not a major problem, as only the CAD data set needs to be adapted. Draft angles are completely eliminated, and the design of undercuts is possible with almost unlimited freedom.

The manufacturing process is continuously monitored (loss on ignition, strength) and the geometry of the manufactured products is measured using optical methods.

Thanks to in-house laser-optical measurements, reverse engineering is also offered, i.e. spare parts can be manufactured without drawings or molding patterns, if necessary with an improved design and consequently with improved properties.

Source: Zalewa Tec