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Processing Aids

Founded in 1960, Chem-Trend is a leading global manufacturer of process chemical specialties with a main focus on high-performance mould release agents. Chem-Trend develops mould release agents used for the production of moulded components made of composites, rubber, thermoplastics, or polyurethane, die lubricants for application in the die casting industry, as well as purging compounds and inside and outside tyre paints. In addition, Chem-Trend manufactures specialized ancillary products, such as mould maintenance products, mould cleaners and mould sealers for the individual industries.

Chem-Trend has manufacturing sites, sales offices and support and development laboratories around the globe. By means of a dedicated sales force and global distribution network, Chem-Trend reaches almost all geographic markets where significant levels of manufacturing take place. Chem-Trend’s customer’s benefit from the many years of experience provided by Chem-Trend’s experts regarding the overall production process, not just the products they offer, as well as from its comprehensive service network.

Sites in Germany include the production plant in Norderstedt near Hamburg as well as the European Headquarters in Maisach near Munich. Chem-Trend’s global headquarters are located in Howell, Michigan, USA. Since 2004, Chem-Trend has been part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities KG, a member of the Freudenberg Group of Companies based in Weinheim, Germany.

Mould Release Agents – Indispensable for all Industries

Mould release agents prevent materials from sticking to the mould or tool during the moulding process, and help to easily separate the moulded parts from the moulds. Common examples of moulded products include PET bottles, rubber o-ring seals, tires, shoe soles, polyurethane automotive seat cushions, composite boat hulls and wind turbine blades, as well as die cast engine blocks. Mould release agents can also have an impact on the surface quality of the end part. Although the costs of release agents tend to be a small factor in relation to the overall manufacturing process costs, their impact on production metrics such as process efficiency, productivity, scrap rates, downtime and tool life can be significant. Together with its clients, Chem-Trend develops customised solutions for specific challenges caused by the variety of raw materials and process parameters found in the many different manufacturing environments of the industries served.

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More than 50 years of experience with the die casting process.

Each year, we spend thousands of hours on the shop floors of die casting facilities, giving our technical experts insight into your processes and toughest production challenges. In our world-class laboratories dedicated to the die cast industry, we apply this insight to developing customised solutions that improve your operating efficiency.

Our line of products for die casting includes:

Chem-Trend die lubricants

Chem-Trend die lubricants have been technology leaders in the die casting industry for over 50 years. Constant product development allows Chem-Trend to supply the die casting industry with a very extensive range of products including liquid and powder die lubricants for aluminium, magnesium and zinc die casting, as well as for squeeze and semi-solid casting. Applications range from very effective soldering prevention and excellent release in the production of large aluminium casting parts (e.g. crankcases), to quick release film development and increased productivity of high-end zinc castings. Chem-Trend SL die lubricants can be used at mould temperatures between 80 °C and 400 °C. Our customers can count on the full support of our die casting experts with regard to customer-specific requirements or the development of optimal solutions. Please contact us. We look forward to helping you.

Chem-Trend® PL plunger lubricants

Chem-Trend offers a broad range of leading water-based, oil-based and dry plunger lubricants for use in a large number of different moulding tools. Chem-Trend® plunger lubricants make the mould filling process easier, extend the life of plunger tip and sleeve, and reduce energy consumption during the shot. Excellent film formation and coating characteristics significantly reduce flame and smoke development. Casting porosity is minimised thanks to the remarkably small quantity of decomposition products generated by Chem-Trend® plunger lubricants. The efficiency of Chem-Trend products reduces the consumption of plunger lubricants by about half compared to conventional products.

Chem-Trend additives and auxiliary products

Die casting is a complicated process involving complex machinery and numerous processing steps, all of which can have a significant impact on the quality of the castings produced and the overall productivity of the plant. In response, Chem-Trend has developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions specifically designed for the individual processing steps, which ultimately serve to increase the overall production efficiency. These include:

  • Anti-solder pastes
  • Hot spot greases
  • Pin lubricants
  • Quench compounds
  • Trim press lubricants
  • Corrosion preventers
  • Ladle coats
  • Assembly lubricants
  • Cleaning compounds
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Toggle lubricants

Chem-Trend's range of highly effective products is the result of many years of collaboration with users in the die casting industry all over the world. Their efficiency has been proven in many practical tests.

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