A.Cesana S.r.l.

A.Cesana S.r.l.

Via Filippo Turati 23
20016 Pero (Milano)
Telefon: +39 02 35 34 941
Fax: +39 02 33 90 714

Company profile

A. Cesana S.r.l. is a chemical and engineering company based in Italy, producing  metallurgical treatments and  technologies, directed to the non-ferrous foundries and cast-houses. Since its foundation in 1879 the company has developed a well-known status in the market due to its reliability, technological competitiveness and advanced offer. Thanks  to a broad and reliable distribution network, A.Cesana technologies are supplied in more than thirty nations, where the company does follow the technical support of its customers. The solutions are mostly directed to the improvement and perfection of molten metal and melting processes to achieve quality, high quality or very high quality casts in the broad spectrum of light weight alloys. Quality is guaranteed by UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008 (ISO 9001:2008)



A.Cesana factory produces a broad variety of chemical products for the molten metal treatments of non-ferrous alloys:

  •     Covering and drossing off powders
  •     Special alloys and productive processes reactive powders
  •     Reduction of alloying elements powders
  •     Drossing off granules
  •     Drossing off and deoxidising granules
  •     Modification granules
  •     Reduction of alloying elements granules
  •     Special alloys and productive processes reactive granules
  •     Special applications in-tube granules
  •     Degassing tablets
  •     Covering tablets
  •     Alloying elements  (Ti, Sr, Mn, Fe)
  •     Grain refining tablets
  •     Sodium modification tablets
  •     Special application tablets
  •     Metallic sodium tins
  •     Exothermic powders
  •     Water based graphite coatings
  •     Water based semi-colloidal graphite coatings
  •     Water based colloidal graphite coatings
  •     Water based ceramic coatings
  •     Water based boron nitride coatings
  •     Refractory coating for molds and cores
  •     Water based lubricants for pressure die cast
  •     Oils for pressure die cast machines

The equipment’s offer directed to the non-ferrous melting industry is:

  •     Degassing stations
  •     Coating mixer units
  •     Flux injector units
  •     Molten metal gas control units
  •     Special equipments for cast houses and/or special applications

Company news

A. Cesana company will present, at Gifa 2015, a new dosing system called “DOSING-FLUX” to perform automatically the addition of powdered or granulated fluxes during transfer of molten aluminium alloys. The system is automatic and can be used as retrofit on rotor degassing machines. Ideal for all foundries.

Press release for the GIFA
A. Cesana will be showcasing its new solutions for aluminium foundries at GIFA 2015 in Duesseldorf,  June 16 – 20 2015, in Hall 12 - Stand A 33.