ASK Chemicals CoreTech GmbH

ASK Chemicals CoreTech GmbH

Crumbacher Strasse 54
34277 Fuldabrück-Bergshausen
Phone: +49 561-589860
Fax: +49 561-5898611

Company Profile

ASK Chemicals CoreTech is working hand-in-hand with the foundry industry and leading automotive suppliers. We are a high performance certified core manufacturer who can take over prototyping and series production, as well as develop practical solutions in close cooperation with our customers, especially in cases of capacity bottlenecks or special core geometries.

In prototype production, we offer solutions for the optimization of processes, the development of tooling and handling concepts and we support our customers in starting up production on site.

We offer a very wide range of experience in production with modern process control and computerized monitoring of sand preparation. Quality control of raw materials, process parameters (e.g. bending bars and sieve analyses) and of course certified quality management is important to us.

Our Design Services Team supports from the very beginning, to the start of production. The portfolio covers analysis and the simulation of cores weighing up to 300 kg - core box dimensions from 400 x 500 up to 1,550 x 1,600 mm and core box weights up to 6,500 kg in organic and inorganic core production.

Our location in Fuldabrück, DE manufactures 100% in coldbox technology with core shooters from 10 - 120 l volume.

Our site in Moosburg, DE manufactures 100% in an inorganic process with core shooters of 25 - 40 l volume and automated handling.

Due to its extensive service and consulting activities ASK Chemicals CoreTech GmbH is a strong partner with proven expert teams.