Technology Leadership

Technology Leadership is the Most Important Competitive Advantage!


The Technology Leadership is where companies present themselves, technological strength within a particular market.

Technology leaders are constantly striving to develop new solutions for customers through technological standards of measurable value. They also offer a technological edge in their products  in terms of available production techniques.

Technology leaders are characterized by the mastery of technical production processes and differentiate themselves from competition primarily by high productivity, lower operating costs, high reliability, safety and environmental standards which are far above average.

Technology leaders recognize current and future needs of their customers early and adapt themselves to it, which both strengthens trust and customer loyalty. In order to maintain the technological edge, existing products are continually improved and bring new pioneering developments into the market.

In the following pages, technology leaders will present themselves from different areas of  foundry technology. Beginning with raw and auxiliary materials, through the testing, to the complete foundry plant with a competent partner illustrating the state -of -the art technology.

The pages of “Technology Leader” will  dynamically grow in all aspects and be regularly updated to help  provide valuable assistance in order to solve current tasks for the reader.