“Mouldingsandmanagement 2020” is a pioneering all-in-one concept for reclaiming used sand. Each stage in the used sand cycle has an influence on the final quality of the moulding sand. If the steps in the treatment process complement one another, you can be sure that the maximum potential is being extracted from the bentonite-bonded moulding material. Rather than being chosen at random, the treatment steps should be finely tuned to match one another.

The quality chain begins in the used sand cooler with
- the new akwa_coolplus combination water dosing system and the double moisture measurement method
- the dust_control system for weighing the quantity of dust coming out of the cyclone
- the air_control airflow measurement device in the exhaust air

In the batch cooler, the quality chain includes:
- the Form_Reg casting-oriented menu-driven control of the binding agent;

In the mixer, it continues with:
- the new akwa_mixplus combination water dosing system with double moisture measurement method
- the ROTOCONTROL RTC 106 online moulding material control device
- the Form_Reg preventive menu-driven control of the binding agent;

The quality of the entire sand preparation process is monitored by:
- the DView process visualisation system with its integrated recording of operating data and
- the DView_Analyse statistical process control.