Robamat multiple zone temperature control 2511

ROBAMAT - a name that stands for reliability proven technology high quality heating and cooling units

As a specialist for temperature control systems in die casting, injection molding and chemistry, ROBAMAT Automatisierungstechnik GmbH started in 1979 as a small company based in Gmunden in the Salzkammergut in Austria. In 1988 the company moved to new, modern premises and the increasing level of awareness and the innovative further development of the devices made it necessary to expand the production facilities in 1994. Robamat has been part of the Frech Group since the company's founder retired in 1997.

In the continuation of a strong concept, Robamat offers its customers powerful temperature control devices that have been exported to more than 40 countries worldwide for over 30 years and that can communicate with all major European die casting machines via an interface (RS232, 232CL, 485, Profibus) and therefore fully can be integrated.

From the first sketch to professional implementation, the products follow a sophisticated cycle: single-circuit devices, dual-circuit devices and special systems. Stable in a robust frame housing with an integrated control cabinet as well as heating and cooling systems for an optimal heat exchange in the device enable the construction of well-thought-out temperature control systems.

Oil temperature control units

The high temperature devices for heat transfer oil are used to control the temperature of die casting molds, casting chambers and molds up to a temperature of 350 ° C. The temperature control systems with oil of the 3201 to 5222 series are in the program. The top device delivers a heating power of
2x40 kW (max. 350 ° C) and a max. cooling capacity of 2x100 kW, with a ∆T of 150 K, the pump capacity can be up to 80 l / min and 11 bar. New areas of application arise in the use of oil temperature control devices in core production with inorganic binder systems. Robamat also has know-how and numerous devices in use here, which ensure uniform temperature control of metal core boxes.

Pressurized water temperature control units

The trend towards pressurized water devices continues to grow. More and more die casters, especially aluminum processors, rely on water as a temperature control medium and trust the reliability of Robamat water devices. In addition to the advantage of the significantly higher heat capacity of water compared to heat transfer oils, there are other positive aspects in terms of environmental protection and costs. Robamat has succeeded in increasing the share of pressurized water devices in the total number of units delivered and increased in recent years from 30 to over 50%, making Robamat a competent partner and system supplier for these systems. The pressurized water temperature control units (series 2201 to 2212) achieve temperatures of up to 160 ° C with a maximum heating output of 2x18 kW and a maximum cooling output of 2x35 kW, with a ∆T of 60 K.


Multi Zone Temperature control of die casting molds

The high-performance device, Type 2511, was developed in order to be able to individually control and monitor the thermal household of up to 80 circuits.
The advanced temperature control concept massively shortens cycle times and improves the component quality in combination with conformal cooling channels and an adapted spray concept.
The integrated leak monitoring <100 ml offers our customers the greatest possible safety during production.

Core breakage monitoring

Robamat succeeded in developing a new system for core breakage monitoring through consistent further development. The use of water temperature control devices specifically for the temperature control of cores requires ever more precise monitoring methods with regard to core breakage. With the new system from Robamat it is possible to reliably detect core breaks and forward messages to the die casting machine. Precise leakage and calcification detection are also guaranteed.

Tempering channel cleaning unit

Up to now, cleaning and checking the tightness of the temperature control channels has been a difficult undertaking. Robamat developed a device for this, with which this task can be accomplished in the simplest possible way. This device cleans the mold channels from insulating residues of the heat transfer medium and is also able to check the channels for leaks. A flow meter is also attached to the device, which can be used to control the flow on the mold. Thus, when using this device, only cleaned and tested molds are used on the die casting machine.

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