ASK Chemicals Metallurgy GmbH

ASK Chemicals Metallurgy GmbH

Fabrikstrasse 6
84579 Unterneukirchen
Phone: +49 8634-617408
Fax: +49 8634-617420

Company Profile

ASK Chemicals Metallurgy located in Unterneukirchen/ Germany, part of the ASK Chemicals Group, is one of the international leading companies for the supply of metallurgical products for the manufacture of high-quality cast iron. Besides products for the Mg treatment of cast iron with spheroidal graphite, ASK Chemicals Metallurgy offers as well inoculants for an evenly precipitation of carbon when casting GI-material,  thus avoiding supercooled graphite, achieving high nodule count when casting DI-material, or avoiding chill / solidification of cast iron respectively formation of carbides and chilled edges. Besides this, ASK Chemicals Metallurgy produces materials for the melt treatment and offers high quality merchandise goods.

An experienced sales and technical service team support with professional guidance and advice in all complex problems with metallurgical demands of the casting process.



The company has positioned itself as an innovative and customer driven supplier with constant research and development of products for the benefit to its customers


- Iron casting materials
- Inoculation system /Equipments


- ladle inoculants
- in-stream inoculants
- in-mold inoculants
- Cored wire
- Combi-filters ( mold inoculant and filter)
- Cored wire with Mg alloys or Mg powder
- FeSiMg  alloys for tundish cover
- Nickel-Magnesium alloys
- FeSiMg In-Mold alloy


- Cer Misch metal
- SiC

Aufsilizierungsmittel (siliconisation)

- FeSi
- SiC

Melt cleaning material

- slag binder