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EMCO-TEST Prüfmaschinen GmbH

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 60 Years of competence reviewed

Our success has its roots in Karl Maier’s vision of building hardness testers that, “Don’t simply do everything, but do everything simply.” Uncomplicated testing tools that cover the most complicated functions. Which is why, in 1954, the Salzburg businessman and machine builder decided to establish a department for hardness testing in his company Maier & Co Maschinenfabrik (later EMCO Maier GmbH). By the time Karl Maier died in 1978, his  innovative products had long made a name for themselves. His son, Ernst Alexander Maier, took over the company which, under his leadership, rose to become the technological leader in the area of hardness testing well beyond Austria’s borders. A milestone in 1989 was the invention of closed loop control for applying the load in hardness testers. As a result, all test methods and many load levels could, for the first time, be implemented with just one universal hardness tester. This revolutionary invention was patented not only in Europe, but also in the USA and Japan and forms the basis of the technology for all modern hardness testers. In 1966 an independent company – EMCO-TEST Prüfmaschinen GmbH – was formed from the hardness testing department. In 2001, EMCO-TEST finally relocated to it’s new factory in Kuchl. Since then, the complete

development and production of our hardness testing systems has taken place there. The death of Ernst Alexander Maier in the same year was a heavy loss; heavy because his extraordinary visionary spirit shaped not only the development of the company but also its employees and surroundings. Just as his humanity and the sense of responsibility he embodied did for the region and environment. In 2002, Klaus Reisinger became the new Managing Director of EMCO-TEST and has carried the vision forward consistently and with complete success. The numbers speak for themselves: around 50 employees at the headquarters in Kuchl and the the German subsidiary are responsible for our international market success. We currently operate in 44 countries – each in collaboration with exclusive sales partners. Just how close EMCO-TEST is to its roots – despite successful international expansion
– can be seen from the ownership structure: today our company still belongs to the founding Maier family. Together with our motivated and talented team, we’ve made Karl Maier’s vision a living reality – his idea has become our mission. In other words, “We don’t simply make everything for hardness testing but we make everything in hardness testing simple.”

Customer orientation

We see ourselves as a partner to our customers with the goal of creating value and long-term benefits through our activities. Customer information is precious and is treated as such. Which is why we always maintain an open  dialogue with our customers.


We place the highest demands on quality in our daily activities. We fulfil these requirements through continual training and external audits. Every one of us contributes diligently to increasing EMCO-TEST’s know how and making it transparent. Which is how we safeguard our customers’ future and investments. And our own.


As an all-round service provider for all aspects of hardness testing, our innovations set new standards. This innovative power is based on our many years of experience and the needs of our customers.


For us, being efficient means continually optimising our processes and consistently raising our sustainability to higher economic and ecological levels. We use modern information and communication tools to get close to our customers on an international level and with rapid reaction times. Digital technologies help us reduce time differences and stretch our geographical reach, as well as improving the efficiency of internal processes.

Office in Germany


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