ASK – 3D-Filter

Customizable 3D filters for unmatched reliability and consistency - EXACTPORE 3D filters offer new and more efficient filtration options for highest casting quality. They are characterized by their particularly sophisticated design and well-thought-out construction method, offering the highest structural integrity and thus safety and efficiency in use.

Source: ASK Chemicals

EXACTPORE 3D filters avoid loose particles and thus prevent contamination of the melt by so-called filter bits and costly rework.

EXACTPORE 3D filters offer an increase in productivity through the possible high flow capacity of the filters: All this with almost limitless design possibilities.


  • Consistent flowrates & reduced filter bits
  • 100% engineered designs & structure
  • Increased flow rates / capacities
  • Exact pore size requirements
  • Customizable / first class manufacturing

Source: ASK Chemicals